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selva1Dr Selvakumar Manickam
Senior Lecturer
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Brief Profile

Dr Selvakumar Manickam is a senior lecturer and researcher at National Advanced IPv6 Centre (NAv6), Universiti Sains Malaysia. He has authored and co-authored almost 130 articles in journals, conference proceedings and book reviews. He has graduated 7 PhDs and completed many Masters and undergraduate thesis/dissertation. He has given several key note speeches as well as dozens of invited lectures and workshops at conferences, international universities and for industry. He has given talks on Internet Security, Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, IPv6, Green ICT and Open Source technologies at various organizations and seminars. Currently, he is involved a number of key clusters under National Advanced IPv6 Centre, namely Internet Security, Cloud Computing and Internet of Things (IoT), with focus on conducting scientific research in these respective areas. As of date, Dr. Selva has garnered funding in the form of grants and industrial projects worth almost RM2 million to date. He is also involved as committee member or representative at various technical forums locally and globally. He also lectures in various Computer Science and IT courses which includes development of new courseware in tandem with current technology trend. Apart from that, as senior trainer, he is actively involved in conducting professional courses on Cybersecurity, Cloud Computing, SDN, IPv6, and other networking-related technologies. He also codes in Android, Java, .net, C, PHP and Python in relation to the R&D work and projects he is involved in.


chong_sChong Yung Wey
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Brief Profile

Yung-Wey Chong received her MSc in Advanced Networking in 2012 from Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia. She joined the center in 2009 as a research staff member, where she works in the area of VoIP protocols in the domain of wireless communications. She is a committee member of SOI Asia (, a project that utilizes satellite based Internet to support interactive multimedia communications between partner universities. She is also involved in CONNECT2SEA  project (, a project funded under FP7, that support European Union and South East Asia ICT strategic partnership and policy dialogue. Her current research interests are Internet of Things (IoT), hybrid satellite/terrestrial networks, wireless and mobile communication and green computing.


DrAnbar-smallDr Mohammed F.R. Anbar
Senior Lecturer
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Brief Profile

Mohammed Anbar received his bachelor of Computer System Engineering from Al-Azhar University, Palestine and M.Sc. in Information Technology from Universiti Utara Malaysia, Malaysia (UUM). He obtained his Phd in Advanced Computer Networks from University Sains Malaysia (USM). He is currently senior lecturer at National Advanced IPv6 Centre (NAv6), Universiti Sains Malaysia.

His current research interests include Malware Detection, Web Security, Intrusion Detection System (IDS), Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), Network Monitoring, Internet of Things (IoT) and IPv6 Security.


FSChoo-smallMr Choo Fook Seng
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Brief Profile

Mr. Choo Fook Seng graduated from National University of Singapore (NUS) in 1990 with Bachelor Degree Of Electrical & Electronic Engineering. Later in 1996, he obtained Master of Science in Communication Software Management from University Of Essex UK. He had over 20 years of working experience in Multi-National Corporations (MNC) and had a proven track record in managing and delivering multi-million dollar embedded software/platform engineering projects. During this period, he had acquired many company certified trainer qualifications like Toyota Production System’s LEAN, Software Engineering Best Practices, Trust Building, 6 Sigma Belter,  SEI CMM Assessor/Trainer, etc.

Fook Seng is passionate and proficient in driving organization’s continuous improvement initiatives based on quality standards like CMU SEI CMM, ISO9001 and Agile SCRUM/LEAN. He is Certified Scrum Master (CSM) & Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) from, Malaysia HRDF Certified Trainer and iNTACS Certified Automotive SPICE Provisional Assessor. Currently, he works as a Lecturer in National Advanced IPv6 Centre, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM). His research interests are in the areas of Internet of Things (IoT), Automotive/Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) and Software Engineering.

Dr Shankar Karuppayah
Senior Lecturer
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Brief Profile

Dr. Shankar Karuppayah is currently a Senior Lecturer and researcher at National Advanced IPv6 Centre (NAv6), Universiti Sains Malaysia. He obtained his PhD in 2016 from Technische Universität Darmstadt. His main research interest is Cyber Security and P2P Botnets. To date, he has authored and co-authored more than 10 articles in journals, workshops, and conference proceedings.

He earned his B.Sc. (HONS) in Computer Science from the Universiti Sains Malaysia in 2009 and his M.Sc. in Engineering (Software Systems Engineering) which is based on the RWTH Aachen University Model syllabus, from King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok in 2011.

Mr. Shankar was awarded the ASTS position by USM based on his excellent performance, both curricular and co-curricular, during his bachelor studies. This position entitles him to pursue his studies up to a PhD in the field of Network Security with funding from USM under the ASTS programme.

During his M.Sc. studies, he was also awarded a DAAD scholarship by the German government for the duration of his master’s programme. This includes a one-year funding in Bangkok, Thailand (coursework only) and another in Aachen, Germany to conduct his internship and master’s thesis. He completed his thesis entitled “Selective Forwarding Attack: Detecting Colluding Nodes in Wireless Mesh Networks” at RWTH Aachen University (Informatik 4) under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Otto Spaniol. In his thesis work, he managed to successfully develop an algorithm, which detects malicious cooperating routers that selectively refuse to relay packets in a wireless mesh network. His algorithm is also able to distinguish the attacks from normal packet losses such as medium access collisions and bad channel quality.

Joint Academic Staff

dr_tcwanAssoc. Prof. Dr Wan Tat Chee
Senior Lecturer
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Brief Profile

Tat-Chee Wan received his BSEE and MSEE/CE from Univerisity of Miami, Florida, USA, and his PhD in Computer Science from Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang, Malaysia. He is an Associate Professor with the School of Computer Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia.

He was formerly with Motorola Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. as a Senior R&D Engineer in Software Development for two-way radios. His current research interests include efficient protocols for Internet of Things, QoS mechanisms for Wireless Networks, Satellite-based Internet, and Real Time Embedded Systems. This research is conducted in affiliation with the National Advanced IPv6 Centre (NAV6) in USM.

Teaching Fellow

Dr Nibras Abdullah Ahmed Faqera

Dr Sabri Mohammed Abdhood

Dr Zakaria Noor Aldeen Mahmood Alqattan

Dr Mohammed Abdo Mohammed Mahdi

Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr Kamal Ibrahim Ahmed Alieyan


Siti Zainura Kadir
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Aina Zakiah Amir Hamzah
Administrative Assistant (Finance)
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Malar Devi Kanagasabai
Postgraduate Coordinator
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Siti Asma Osman
Penolong Pegawai Tadbir
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Zainol Mansor
Administrative Assistant
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Retired on 11 October 2018

Training and R&D

Mr Lim Say Khiam
Training and Industry Liaison Officer
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Iznan Husainy Hasbullah
Research Officer, CNP6 Trainer
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