Active Students (PhD)

Name Country Thesis Title Main Supervisor
Al Absi Basim Ahmad Abed Alhamead
 Palestine TBD Dr Mohammed F.R. Anbar
Al Ani Ahmed Khallel Ibrahim
Iraq A Framework To Mitigate Botnet-Based Hypertext Transfer Protocol Flooding Attacks On Web Servers Dr Mohammed F.R. Anbar
Al Sarawi Shadi Mustafa Subhi
Jordan TBD Dr Mohammed F.R. Anbar
Ayman Ibrahim Ali Ghaben
 Jordan Detection SYN Floods DDoS Attacks in Cloud Enviroment Based On Neural Network Algorithms Dr Mohammed F.R. Anbar
Qusay Moufaq Mohammad al-Zu’bi
Jordan Dynamic Evolving Neural Fuzzy System for Filtering DDOS Attack on Cloud Computing Environment Dr Mohammed F.R. Anbar
Ayman Khallel Ibrahim
Iraq Defending Network from DOS Attacks Dr Mohammed F.R. Anbar
Mohammad Adnan Ahmad Aladaileh
 Jordan Data Hiding in an MP3 File Dr Mohammed F.R. Anbar
Alamaireh Ayman Iqeilan Abdallah
Jordan DDeveloping a Mechanism for security wireless sensors network Dr Mohammed F.R. Anbar
Yousef Khader Khatar Sanjalawe
 Jordan Term Modelling in Information Retrieval System Dr Mohammed F.R. Anbar
Mohammed Abdul Lateif M. Al-Shalabi
 Jordan New Approach for MAC Protocol to Maximize the Wireless Sensor Networks’ Life Time Dr Mohammed F.R. Anbar
Ahmad Yousef Mohammad Alnajjar
Jordan Development & Applications Wireless Sensor Networks Dr Selvakumar Manickam
Ali Abdulqader Omer Bin Salem Yemen Enhancing QoS For Video Transmission Over Wireless Assoc Prof Dr Wan Tat Chee
Aun Yichiet
Malaysia An Architecture For Real Time Network Nodes Health Monitoring Dr Selvakumar Manickam
Baidaa Hamza Khudayer
Iraq Path Probe: A New Hybrid Measurement Tools for End-to-End Available Bandwidth Assoc Prof Dr Wan Tat Chee
Muhammad Imran Sarwar
Pakistan ROHC enabled Wireless Mesh based Routing Protocol using MPLS Tunnelling architecture for Efficient Path Recovery Assoc Prof Dr Wan Tat Chee
Navaneethan A/L C.Arjuman
Malaysia To Investigate and To Improve The Existing Local Cybercrime Mitigation Framework to Address The Latest Cyber Security Threats in Line with International framework Dr Selvakumar Manickam
Nibras Abdullah Ahmed Faqera
Yemen Wireless Video Delivery by Using Genetic Algorithm Dr Mohammad M Kadhum
Nur Nadiyah Suppiah Binti Abdullah Malaysia A Network Based Threat Infection Detection Algorithm Botnet Use Case Assoc Prof Wan Tat Chee
Parminder Singh Bawa
India N/A Dr Selvakumar Manickam
Sabri Mohammed Abdhood
Yemen Enhancing QoS in MPLS Protection Schemes Dr Mohammad M Kadhum
Samer Abdulsada Mutlag Al-Saleem
Iraq Investigate the Optimal No of Cells In The Active Set In Different Scenarios Of Users Equipment Movement By Propose New Technique Dr Selvakumar Manickam
Syazwina Binti Alias
Malaysia Memory Efficient Buffering Technique For Real-Time Networks Traffic Analysis Dr Selvakumar Manickam
Kamal Ibrahim Ahmed Alieyan
Jordan Improve The Quality Of (VoIP) Services Over WIMAX Networks Dr Mohammed F.R. Anbar
Huda A.H. Alhalabi
Palestine N/A Assoc Prof Dr Wan Tat Chee
Shafiq Ul Rehman
India Next Generation Advanced Video Conferencing Dr Selvakumar Manickam
Balasubramanian Nathan
India Next Generation Mobile Communication Using VoIP Ms Chong Yung Wey

Active Students (M.Sc)

Name Country Thesis Title Supervisor(s)
Iznan Husainy Hasbullah
Malaysia Enhanced Trust-ND to Secure IPv Neighbor Discovery using Game Theory Dr Mohammad M Kadhum (Main)
Ms Chong Yung Wey (Co)
Narayanan Sambath
India TBD Dr Selvakumar Manickam
Ng Qi Guan
Malaysia TBD Ms Chong Yung Wey
Tan Lee Xiong
Malaysia N/A Assoc Prof Dr Wan Tat Chee
Yap Khong Lim
Malaysia N/A Ms Chong Yung Wey

Active Students (M.Sc Internet Engineering)

Name Country Batch
Alzubaidi Mahmood Saleh Hadi  2016/17 (Sem 1)
Amirah Nadrah binti Ghazali Malaysia  2016/17 (Sem 1)
Elwiya Ahmed Ghalib Khudhur  2016/17 (Sem 2)
Faten Ateeqah binti Othman Malaysia  2016/17 (Sem 2)
Mohamed Ashraf bin Mohamed Noor Malaysia  2016/17 (Sem 1)
Shovietra A/P Manogaran Malaysia  2016/17 (Sem 1)
Firesh A/L Kishor Kumar Malaysia  2016/17 (Sem 1)
Syafiq bin Ibrahim Shah Malaysia  2016/17 (Sem 1)
Thean Wooi Haur Malaysia  2015/16 (Sem 1)
Wong Yan Shen Malaysia  2016/17 (Sem 1)
Zubaydi Haider Dhia A  2016/17 (Sem 1)

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