Dr Mohammed F.R. Anbar

Dr Mohammed F.R. Anbar
Senior Lecturer
+604 653 4633

Dr Mohammed Anbar received his bachelor of Computer System Engineering from Al-Azhar University, Palestine and M.Sc. in Information Technology from Universiti Utara Malaysia, Malaysia (UUM). He obtained his PhD. in Advanced Internet Security and Monitoring from University Sains Malaysia (USM). He is currently a senior lecturer at National Advanced IPv6 Centre (NAv6), Universiti Sains Malaysia.


Malware Detection, Web Security, Intrusion Detection System (IDS), Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), Network Monitoring, Internet of Things (IoT) and IPv6 Security.


  • Title: Passive-based Tool for Monitoring Malicious Neighbor Discovery Protocol (NDP) Activities
  • Sponsor: Universiti Sains Malaysia (Short Term)
  • Amount: RM32,800
  • Role: Main Researcher
  • Date: 1st April 2016 – 31 March 2018
  • Title: Enhancing Security on IPv6 Neighbor Discovery Using Trust-ND
  • Sponsorship: Universiti Sains Malaysia (RUI)
  • Amount: RM 68,100
  • Role: Co-researcher
  • Date: 1 March 2015 – 31 August 2016 [Extended to February 2017]

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