Research management workshop using Mendeley & Qiqqa


Dear all,

NAv6 in collaboration with School of Computer Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia will be organizing a half day Research Management Workshop using Mendeley and Qiqqa on 4th April 2016.

The Mendeley and Qiqqa tools are useful for researchers to manage not only their references but also research. The objective of this workshop is to create awareness about research and reference management software Mendeley and Qiqqa that will help researchers and academicians to manage their research and references effectively and efficiently. The workshop is primarily intended for researchers and academicians to manage their research and references effectively and efficiently. The participants will learn to manage their research work(s) along with relevant references that will help them to manage their students, thesis and publications. Participants will also learn annotation reports, Expedition, Themes and Interactive Brainstorming excels as a Reference Manager.

Time & Date: 2pm to 5pm, 4th April 2016
Venue: Meeting room, Level 7, School of Computer Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia.
Registration deadline: 31st March 2016

Certificate of attendance will be provided.

All are welcome to register and attend.

Register here.

Direct your inquiries regarding this workshop via email to or via the contact form.

About Imran Sarwar

With more than 7+ years of professional experience in software engineering Muhammad Imran Sarwar is currently Ph.D fellow and researcher in National Advance IPv6 Centre (NAv6), Universiti Sains Malaysia and has published his work in International conferences and peer-reviewed indexed journals. Active in community work, he is currently President of Postgraduate Student Association (PSA) Universiti Sains Malaysia for the term 2012-13. Previously he held the post of Director Academics and Vice President PSA. During his journey in PSA, he have conducted more than 20 community projects in academics, charity welfare, and culture along with community education. He was nominated as Student Ambassador for 3 consecutive years (2011-13) by Institute of Postgraduate Studies, Universiti Sains Malaysia. Quite recently, he was selected and invited as only President of Postgraduate Student Associations among Malaysian universities to participate in the Asia-Pacific Alliance for Postgraduate Student Association (APA-PSA) Forum organized by University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong on 12-15th June 2-13. He is professional debater and headed the students from USM to participate in Walailak University Thailand Debating competition on March 2013 and was given the role of Adjudicator. As a professional trainer in Linux Systems and IPv6 Networks, he was nominated by National Advance IPv6 Centre (NAv6) to conduct professional training on Certified IPv6 Network Programmer (CNP6) from 2011-12. He have a keen interest in community service training and conducted English language & professional training for Malaysian undergraduate final year students twice in August 2012 and December 2012. In May 2013, he was involved as professional trainer for USAINS Corporate Talent & Service Development training. He is a regular contributing author in Infolink magazine for postgraduate students Universiti Sains Malaysia. Based on active community service, Imran won award of Excellence on Industrial and Community Work by division of Industry & Community Network (BJIM), Universiti Sains Malaysia given by Dato’ Prof. Omar Osman Vice Chancellor Universiti Sains Malaysia in February 2013. Being a community leader for postgraduate students in Universiti Sains Malaysia, he is having keep interest in public speaking talks on Leadership and teamwork.

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