About Us

Next Generation Networks (NGN) group started off in 1992 under the Network Research Group (NRG), School of Computer Sciences in Universiti Sains Malaysia. Next Generation Networks is an effort to develop and deploy advanced network applications, services and technologies for educational and industrial purposes. In March 2005, the Malaysian government recognized the NGN group as a pioneer in the area of IPv6 expertise in the country by awarding the NGN group the “National Advanced IPv6 Centre of Excellence” (NAv6) status.

Malaysia aims to be an educational hub in the ASEAN region, looking at 100,000 international students to study in Malaysia by 2010. The growth includes 18 public universities, 26 private universities, 4 foreign branch campuses, and more than 500 private colleges. Naturally, there is a growing need for qualified professionals in terms of Masters and PhD lecturers in the area of Next Generation Networks and ICT. The centre plans to provide the qualified professionals that will become the driving academic and research force within these institutions. Also, the niche market created by the Internet boom and Next Generation Network requires more expertise and high level programmers. The centre will also provide the human resource requirements for such positions.

NAv6’s areas of focus on R&D include Advanced Internet Security and Monitoring Platform Development, Next Generation Internet and IPv6, Cyber Security and Internet Governance, Wireless and Satellite Communication and Green ICT. The above areas have niche market, with potential economic benefits and opportunity to gain technological edge in future ICT expertise.

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