The following is the list of post-graduate students that have graduated from NAv6 Centre categorized by their graduation year.


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Name Country Thesis Title Supervisor(s) Date


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Name Country Thesis Title Supervisor(s) Date


Name Country Thesis Title Supervisor(s) Date
Esraa Saleh Hasoon Alomari
Iraq Detection of Botnet-Based Hypertext Transfer Protocol Flooding Attacks on Web Servers Dr Selvakumar Manickam (Main)
Dr Mohammed F.R. Anbar (Co)
Prof Dr Sureswaran Ramadass (Co)
Firas (M.H.) S. Najjar
Jordan Enhanced Techniques for Detection and Classification of Neighbor Discovery Protocol Anomalies Dr Mohammed M Kadhum 29/09/2016
Leau Yu Beng
Malaysia Designing A Hybrid Authentication Dr Selvakumar Manickam 29/09/2016
Redhwan Mohammed Ahmed Saad
Yemen Intelligent ICMPv6 DDoS Attack Detection Framework using A Back-Propogation Neural Network Dr Selvakumar Manickam (Main)
Dr Mohammed F.R. Anbar (Co)
Sima Ahmadpour
Iran Modelling Variable Bit Rate Traffic Generated From Scalable Video Codes For Wireless Sensor Networks Assoc Prof Dr Wan Tat Chee (Main)
Dr Mohammed M. Kadhum (Co)


Name Country Thesis Title Main Supervisor Date
Adel Nadhem Naeem (PhD) IRAQ Synchronization Controller To Solve The Mismatched Sampling Rates For Acoustic Echo Cancellation Prof Sureswaran Ramadass
Ammar Waysi Mahmood Altuhafi (PhD) IRAQ Adaptable Topology For Peer-To-Peer Live Video Streaming Prof Sureswaran Ramadass
Anas Fouad Hussein Bayan (PhD) JORDAN Performance Evaluation Of A New Uplink Scheduling Architecture For Wimax Multi-Hop Relay Networks Assoc Prof Dr Wan Tat Chee
Hadi Asharioun (PhD) IRAN Development of Energy-balanced Node Deployment Strategies to Reduce Energy Hole Problem In Wireless Sensor Networks Assoc Prof Dr Wan Tat Chee
Mahmoud Khalid Mahmoud Baklizi (PHd) JORDAN An Enhanced Of Active Queue Management Methods For Network Congestion Control In Communication Networks Prof Sureswaran Ramadass
Pavaani A/P Thannimalai (MSc) MALAYSIA Full Cross Training Model To Improve Information Technology Help Desk Operation Dr Mohammed M Kadhum
Supriyanto INDONESIA TRUST-ND: Lightweight and Secured IPv6 Neighbor Discovery Using a Distributed Trust Mechanism Azlan Osman


Name Country Thesis Title Main Supervisor Date
Adnan Ahmad Abdelfattah Hnaif (PhD) JORDAN Algoritma Pemadanan Berbilang Benang Yang Berskala Untuk Sistem Pengesanan Pencerobohan Rangkaian Prof Sureswaran Ramadass 08/06/2010
Hussein Abdelrahman Hussein Albazar (PhD) JORDAN Sistem Inovatif Untuk Memantau Persekitaran Sistem E-Mel dengan Menggunakan Pemantauan Aktif Prof. Sureswaran Ramadass 06/07/2010
Salah Noori Saleh (PhD) IRAQ Semi-Cecair: Model Pengedaran Kandungan Untuk Penyebaran Data Yang Lebih Pantas Prof. Sureswaran Ramadass 19/07/2010


Name Country Thesis Title Main Supervisor Date
Homam Reda Kamel El-Taj (PhD) JORDAN Distributed Network Alert Management System For IDS False Positive Reduction Dr. Omar Amer Abouabdalla 24/06/2011
Imad Jasim Mohammed (PhD) IRAQ An Optimized Framework for Header Suppression of Real Time IPv6 Traffic in Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) Networks Prof. Madya Dr. Wan Tat Chee 18/08/2011
Manjur Sayyad Badasha Kolhar (PhD) INDIA The Real Time Conference Gateway for Heterogeneous Clients: Real Time Switching Clients and Inter-Asterisk Exchange Clients Dr. Omar Amer Abouabdalla 03/01/2011
Raja Kumar Murugesan (PhD) INDIA An Expansionary Approach for the Allocation and Distribution of Next Generation Addresses Prof. Sureswaran Ramadass 24/02/2011


Name Country Thesis Title Main Supervisor Date
Alhamza Munther Wardi Alalousi (MSc) IRAQ Peer-To-Peer Video Conferencing Using Semi-Fluid Content Distribution Model and Swarming Techniques Azlan Osman 07/09/2012
Ghassan Abedalkareem Abdullah Samara (PhD) JORDAN Developing An Efficient Safety System For Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks (VANET) Dr. Wafaa A.H. Ali 09/04/2012
Mosleh Mohammad Salem Abu Alhaj (PhD) JORDAN Internet Telephony Transport Protocol (ITTP): A New Transport Protocol for VoIP Applications Prof. Sureswaran Ramadass 16/01/2012
Norayu Binti Abdul Talib (MSc) MALAYSIA Design, Implementation Of the Breast Self Examination (BSE) Teleconsultation and the Test of Technology Acceptance Prof. Sureswaran Ramadass 26/03/2012
Yeong Shoa Yei (MSc) MALAYSIA Wireless Network Monitoring and Planning Using 3D Visualization Prof. Madya Dr. Wan Tat Chee 07/09/2012


Name Country Thesis Title Main Supervisor Date
Ali Shanon Aiyal Al-Saidi (PhD) IRAQ Enhanced Network Connectivity And Node Lifetime Techniques In Wireless Sensor Networks Prof. Madya Dr. Wan Tat Chee 2/7/2013
Ammar Ali Deeb Almomani (PhD) JORDAN Dynamic Evolving Neural Fuzzy Framework For Phishing E-Mail Detection Prof. Madya Dr. Wan Tat Chee 25/3/2013
Aws Naser Jaber (PhD) IRAQ Improving The Efficiency of SIP Authentication Based On The Pre-Calculated Look Up Table Selvakumar Manickam 4/6/2013
Ayad Hussain Abdulqader (PhD) IRAQ An Adaptable Serve-Based Desktop Sharing Platform Prof. Sureswaran Ramadass 16/10/2013
Doris Wong Hooi Ten (PhD) MALAYSIA An Adaptive Network Data Visualisation Framework for Multiple Levels of Users Prof. Sureswaran Ramadass 15/2/2013
Karim Hashim Kraidi Al-Saedi (PhD) IRAQ A False Alert Reduction and An Alert Score Assessment Framework For Intrusion Alerts Prof. Sureswaran Ramadass 9/9/2013
Loai Kayed Hassen Bani Melhim (PhD) JORDAN Layered Botnet Detection Framework Based On Signal Processing and Discrete Time Prof. Madya Dr. Wan Tat Chee 24/8/2013
Maryam Feily (PhD) IRAN A Continous Overlay Path Probing Algorithm For Overlay Networks Dr. Andrew Meulenberg 24/8/2013
Mohammed F.R. Anbar (PhD) PALESTIN A Statistical Approach Towards Worm Detection Using Cross-Relation Technique Prof. Sureswaran Ramadass 7/5/2013
Mohammod Sazid Zaman Khan (MSc) BANGLADESH Providing Ubiquitous Positioning Using Context Aware Handover Algorithm Tan Chen Wei 16/10/2013


Name Country Thesis Title Main Supervisor Date
Ali Abdulrazzaq Khuder (MSc) IRAQ AN Enhanced Online Phishing E-Mail Detection Framework For Improving Internet Security Based on “Evolving Connectionist System” Prof. Sureswaran Ramadass 1/4/2014
Gopinath Rao A/L Sinniah (PhD) MALAYSIA Extending Reliable Internet To Low Power Personal Area Network Using 6LOWPAN. Prof. Sureswaran Ramadass 14/8/2014
Moein Mayeh (MSc) IRAN Factors Influencing Intention To Use Tax E-Filing System: Study On Taxpayers in Malaysia Prof. Sureswaran Ramadass 12/22/2013
Shubair Abdulkareem Abdullah (PhD) IRAQ An Innovative Evolving Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System For Worm Detection Prof. Sureswaran Ramadass 14/8/2014

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