Invitation to be Volunteer Developers at NAv6

National Advanced IPv6 Centre (NAv6) has embarked on a few interesting projects in 2016 and would like to invite you to join our journey as the volunteering developers. As a member of this developer community, you will have a chance to experience the latest technologies in action and directly participate in creating innovative software applications benefiting USM citizens. These projects are:

  1. USM Internet of Things (IoT) Telematics Project
  2. NAv6 IoT Space Project

USM IoT Telematics Project is a campus wide transportation test bed system project. The architecture consists of Intel Telematics Devices installed in 10 USM commuter buses & five USM cars and connecting to Intel Server/Intelligent Fleet Management System. The system provides features such as bus/car location tracking, geo-fencing, driver behavior monitoring, bus advertisement, mobile app, data analytic and etc. We are currently working on Phase II planning and would like to invite you to provide innovative ideas for Mobile Apps and Server Development. You can expect a fulfilling and rewarding experience working together with NAv6 researchers as well as engineers from the industry.

NAv6 IoT Space Project  is the first milestone project in realizing our Nation Smart City dream. NAv6 aims at creating a Smart Space to harness the latest technologies of Wireless Sensor Network, Internet of Things and Big Data. All students and researchers can use this Space as a test bed for their IoT/Big Data research/prototype in the future. In order to deploy this project successfully, we are also looking for volunteers to develop IoT Sensors’ Embedded Application, Mobile Apps and Web Server software.


We are looking for students who have passion in learning latest technology, working experience in C/C++/Android programming and have basic knowledge in developing Androids Mobile Apps or/and programming for Dev-kit like Galileo/Arduino/Edison/etc. Your dream technology exploration journey will start with NAv6.

Hesitate no more, register quickly with Mr Choo Fook Seng, the manager for these projects. Feel free to email him if you have any questions/suggestions. For USM students, your involvement in the project will be granted Continuous Student Development (CSD) points and a certification after completing your application development in any of the projects.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Choo Fook Seng (Project Manager)

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